You will receive your theme in the form of a zip file which contains the documents described below:

download and installation instructions

  • Your theme folders should be uploaded in the default interface folders as shown in the picture above. They should be placed next to the default theme folder.

  • Setting your new theme:
    - Go to the admin panel of your store installation.
    - Under System>Configuration select Design.
    - Enter your new theme name and click Save Config.
    - If you wish to update your theme's logo, upload your store logo in the image folder located in the skin folder of your Magento installation, then update the logo file name in the Logo Image Src field. For example, if your store logo file name is mylogo.png then you would set this field to "image/mylogo.png. You could also simply overwrite the theme logo file with your logo if you do not want to modify this field.

  • download and installation instructions

  • Customizing your theme's home page:
    Once you have uploaded your theme folders to their respective locations, update the home CMS page (or create a new CMS page) following the instructions in the theme's readme file.

  • download and installation instructions

  • All you have to do is copy the content of the "home page content.txt" file and paste it into the content field of your home page. Then click Save Page to save the page and you are ready to go.

Please note: You are welcome to customize your home page to your liking. This has just been provided as a guideline for your use.