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How long does it take to receive my theme?
You will receive your theme within 24 hours of your purchase. Once you have registered and verified your email we will send you a download link or the actual theme itself by email.

Why does it take that long receive my theme?
We need to screen and verify the orders we receive before delivering the items. This is in part due to high levels of credit card fraud.

How do I get the theme after placing an order?
Once your order has been processed you will receive an email with the download link or theme itself. We hope to fully automate this process in the near future with the upcoming release of the Magento feature that supports digital products.

How do I install my new theme?
See our Installation Instructions.

How do I customize my theme home page?
See our Installation Instructions.

What version of Magento is my theme compatible with?
In order to check a theme's compatibility, please see its product description.

Do I get a free update when a new version of magento is released?
No. Magento is a new platform and is still subject to changes. Your theme comes as is. You will only be eligible for updates on the version of magento that the theme was designed for.
If you want to receive support and upgrades on your theme to prevent incompatibilities each time Magento gets updated you need to purchase our One Year Upgrade Package.