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  1. Jewelry Store

    Jewelry Store

    $ 299.00

    An elegant theme to display your jewelry. Learn More

  2. Mobile Store 2

    Mobile Store 2

    $ 299.00

    A bright theme to display your mobile devices and accessories. Learn More

  3. Shoe Store

    Shoe Store

    $ 299.00

    A fun and cheerful theme to display your shoes. Learn More

  4. Toy Store

    Toy Store

    $ 299.00

    A playful theme to display your toys for children. Learn More

  5. Yasky Wine Magento Theme

    Yasky Wine Magento Theme

    $ 169.00

    The Yasky Wine Magento Theme is the perfect match for your wine products. Learn More

  6. Orange Theme

    Orange Theme

    $ 149.00

    Magento Orange Theme; suitable for all kinds of stores
    Learn More

  7. Furniture Store

    Furniture Store

    $ 299.00

    This comfy theme shifts furniture wants into needs! Learn More

  8. Food Store

    Food Store

    $ 299.00

    This scrumptious theme will certainly incite hunger! Learn More

  9. Neutral Theme

    Neutral Theme

    Regular Price: $ 299.00

    Special Price: $ 149.00

    This clean theme was designed with neutral colors to fit any type of store. Learn More

  10. Business Theme

    Business Theme

    $ 169.00

    The Magento Business theme gives you a clean layout with simplicity and elegance to sell business related items.

    This theme features a horizontal and vertical navigation menu on the home page and can be further customized to your needs.
    Learn More

  11. Artist Theme

    Artist Theme

    $ 169.00

    The Magento Artist theme gives you a clean layout with simplicity and elegance for your store.

    This theme comes in three colors, blue, lavendar and pink.

    Learn More

  12. Beauche Theme

    Beauche Theme

    $ 169.00

    Magento Beauche Theme is just a beautiful design suitable for fashion and cosmetic stores and products Learn More

  13. Beach Theme

    Beach Theme

    $ 169.00

    Have you ever been to Cancun? Or have you experience beach wonders?

    This Beach theme takes you back the the beautiful and sunny days in front of the water.
    Learn More

  14. Digital Theme

    Digital Theme

    $ 149.00

    The digital theme features a slick choice of colors and styles with a complementary vertical menu to enhance your user experience Learn More

  15. Wamper Theme

    Wamper Theme

    Regular Price: $ 299.00

    Special Price: $ 149.00

    Sell your items with style using our wamper web2.0 Magento theme.

    BONUS: scrolling product module Learn More